Family Law and Divorce Assistance in the United Arab Emirates

Our team of family law and divorce experts in the United Arab Emirates is ready to assist you with a variety of sensitive issues. We understand the complexity of family matters and are committed to providing comprehensive legal support. We guide you through the entire family law and divorce procedure in the United Arab Emirates, addressing matters related to child support, child custody, and alimony while prioritizing the needs and feelings of the individuals involved.

Divorce Cases:

  1. Sharia Law: Divorce cases are handled in accordance with Sharia law, which governs Muslim marriages.
  2. Options for Expatriate Couples: For expatriate couples, we explore options to adopt the divorce laws of other countries to which the spouses belong.

Child Support and Custody:

We assist you in child support proceedings, child custody matters, and alimony procedures, prioritizing the needs and feelings of the children involved.

Domestic Violence:

In cases of domestic violence resulting in severe injuries or psychological harm, our advisors help you file complaints and provide necessary guidance to protect you and your children.

Property Inheritance:

  1. Legal Structures: Understanding legal structures and laws applicable to property inheritance in the United Arab Emirates is essential, especially for expatriates investing in the country.
  2. Succession Advice: Our legal advisors guide you on your rights and obligations regarding inheritance. We provide advice on drafting your final will in accordance with the laws of your home country.   

At AL ITIZAN LAWYERS & LEGAL CONSULTANTS, we handle each case with sensitivity and commitment. Trust our team to guide you through the challenges of family law and divorce in the United Arab Emirates.