Family law

Our legal advisors and lawyers specializing in family law are among the most competent. Our integrated, highly qualified team includes lawyers specializing in matrimonial matters, estates, estate management, as well as lawyers specializing in marital, family and divorce matters. Our team can assist you in family and divorce proceedings. In addition, our clients can intervene to resolve family situations by offering advice to spouses before engaging in legal issues, if they have made a reasonable and fair decision regarding divorce. Given that Sharia law is the basis of the laws in the UAE, there are some regulations to follow. Divorce lawyers in Dubai can guarantee an amicable resolution of your family problems.

Divorce Cases


  • Sharia law: Divorce cases are dealt with in accordance with Sharia law, which governs Muslim marriages.
  • Options for Expatriate Couples: For expatriate couples, we explore the possibilities of opting for divorce laws of other countries to which spouses belong.
  • Child Support and Custody: We assist you in child support, custody and support proceedings by prioritizing the needs and feelings of children.


Domestic Violence


In the event of domestic violence that results in serious injury or psychological harm, our counsellors will help you report the complaint and provide you with the necessary advice to protect you and your children.


Héritage des Biens 

  • Legal Structures: Understanding the legal structures and laws applicable to inheritance of property in the UAE is essential, especially for expatriates investing in the country.
  • Estate Advice: Our legal advisors will guide you through your inheritance rights and obligations. We advise you on the drafting of your final will in accordance with the laws of your home country.


At AL ITEZAN ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANTS, we treat every case with sensitivity and commitment. Trust our team to guide you through the challenges of family law and divorce in the UAE.