Legal advice and dispute resolution are essential elements in the field of commercial contracts in Dubai, UAE. At AL ITEZAN ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANTS, we understand the importance of anticipating disputes, effectively using the levers of litigation and resorting to alternative dispute resolution methods to best protect the interests of our clients.



  • Our Advisory Services and Resolutions: Drafting Commercial Contracts: Our lawyers help you draft your commercial contracts, ensuring that they are legally sound and comply with the laws in force in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Conflict Management: We specialize in conflict management, whether in banking litigation, professional liability, breach of contractual commercial relations, conflicts between partners, or with creditors.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Our lawyers promote alternative dispute resolution, offering a comprehensive analysis of situations to assess the relevance of a negotiated solution to a legal proceeding.
  • Legal Representation: We represent our clients before civil, commercial or criminal courts in the United Arab Emirates and internationally, collaborating with professional law firms.



Our approach


Comprehensive Analysis: We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the situations involved, allowing clients to assess the relevance of a negotiated solution to a legal proceeding.

Adapted Advice: We offer adapted legal advice, based on extensive experience and a perfect knowledge of local and international issues.

Total Investment: Particularly invested alongside our clients, we are committed to providing effective legal solutions and achieving appropriate legal resolutions.


At AL ITEZAN ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANTS, we are your dedicated partner for legal advice and dispute resolution in Dubai, UAE, and beyond. Trust our expertise to protect your interests in an effective and relevant way.