Our comprehensive services to facilitate your implementation


We take charge of all the administrative procedures related to the creation of your company, offering you full support. In addition, our support includes:


  • Bank Account Opening: We guide you in opening a bank account with Internet access, offering flexible management of your finances wherever you are.
  • Obtaining Visas and Resident Status: We support you throughout the process, from medical examination to fingerprinting, from visa validation on your passport to obtaining your Emirates ID.
  • Rigorous Legal Monitoring: We ensure a constant legal monitoring of your company, allowing you to remain in compliance with the regulations in constant evolution. Our team ensures that your legal structure is solid and adapted to the evolution of your business.
  • Drafting of Employment Contracts: Our experts draw up your employment contracts, guaranteeing a clear employee relationship that complies with current legal standards. We ensure that your contracts reflect best employment practices.
  • Drafting Commercial Contracts: We develop strong commercial contracts, protecting your commercial interests while establishing a clear foundation for successful partnerships. Whether for distribution agreements, strategic partnerships or other transactions, we provide contracts tailored to your specific needs.
  • Protecting Your Brand: We implement brand protection strategies to ensure the security of your business identity. This includes steps for trademark registrations and ongoing monitoring to prevent any potential violations.