Debt Collection with Al Itizan Lawyers and Legal Consultants

Debt collection is a vital component of corporate management, and our professionals are ready to help you throughout the process, offering friendly and legal solutions.

Debt collection Services:

Friendly dialogue: We implement effective tools to ensure a successful friendly debt resolution dialogue. If the friendly process does not succeed in reaching the target of debt collection, our office will offer you to initiate legal proceedings against your city.

Legal proceedings: In case of unsuccessful friendly attempts, we propose to initiate legal proceedings against the debtor.


Collection Steps:

Communication: We organize meetings between lenders and debtors to establish effective communication.

Professional negotiations: Our debt recovery specialists negotiate professional solutions to recover outstanding amounts.

Strategic advice: Depending on the amount of debt and circumstances, we advise you on the most appropriate and cost-effective procedure.


Debt Collection Procedures at Al-Itizan Lawyers and Legal Consultants:

•          Follow-up on financial and legal claims within and outside the UAE that the customer has to pay the debts in full

•          Collecting, settling or scheduling all types of debts by return cheques or by contracts or purchase orders confirming this debt.

•          Collecting business debts with individuals:

Large companies that provide services and products with credit facilities face cash flow problems due to the delayed timely payment of dues by some consumers. These companies seek to meet their funds at minimum cost and without exposing their reputation to the market. Here we begin our effective role to develop integrated solutions for the collection of these debts by a selection of experts specializing in the collection of debts in friendly ways and trained to deal with such matters.

•          Inter-firm debt collection:

Our office is active and experienced in collecting the debts of most companies that provide credit facilities to other companies for the purpose of competing and increasing their market share. These companies fail to pay donor companies. Our office collects these amounts and returns them to donor companies as soon as possible.

•          Tracking and pursuing fugitives:

Al Itizan Law Firm is a team trained in the latest research mechanisms to track and prosecute debtors inside and outside the country through our international branches and partners, we organize an effective participation of INTERPOL, if necessary. And persuade them to pay amicably or resort to legal methods.

•          Take legal action under the corroborating documents to verify the authenticity of the creditor's through police stations, the Public Prosecutor's Office and courts within the State.



If you face debt recovery challenges, contact us for confidential consultation and professional advice.

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