• Our lawyers specialize in corporate law in Dubai, addressing issues related to company formation, responsibilities, and contract drafting. Corporate law in Dubai is one of the most crucial elements of commercial law, and our team is here to guide you through the complexities of this field.
  • Company Formation: We work on the formation of companies, providing expertise in establishing new businesses, registering limited liability companies, and companies in free zones across the United Arab Emirates.
  • Contract Drafting: Our lawyers are skilled in drafting all necessary documents, agreements, and bylaws for the operation of businesses, ensuring compliance with local and international laws.
  • Free Zones in Dubai: Dubai is divided into two regions, one under the jurisdiction of local courts and the other in the free zone managed and controlled by the specific laws of DIFC. We understand the differences and requirements of each zone, offering tailored advice.
  • Services for Foreign Investors: We offer services tailored to investors and foreign companies looking to establish themselves in the United Arab Emirates. This includes the option to create a company in Dubai in free zones where 100% foreign ownership is allowed.

Personalized Approach:

Needs Analysis: We understand that the needs and intentions of each client in business are unique. We offer different and varied solutions to meet individual needs.

Options for Foreign Investors: For foreign investors, we provide options such as a local company or the creation of a company in free zones in Dubai, where 100% foreign ownership is allowed.

Commitment to Excellence:

At AL ITIZAN LAWYERS & LEGAL CONSULTANTS, our commitment to excellence in corporate law in Dubai is evident in our personalized approach and ability to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. Trust our team to guide your business to success in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.