Welcome to AL ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, Your Strategic Partner for International Growth.


Our Mission

We play an essential role as a bridge between our French clients and their export markets. As a trusted partner, we work closely with our clients, ensuring smooth coordination of their activities both in France and abroad.

Strategic Partnership

The partnership with Al Itizan Lawyers & Legal Consultants, based in the United Arab Emirates, enhances our ability to provide comprehensive and specialized solutions. This strategic alliance allows us to combine local expertise with a deep understanding of the specific needs of our French clients.

International Coordination

Our French office operates as a center of excellence, precisely coordinating our clients' activities in both the national and international markets. Through our commitment to collaboration and our in-depth market knowledge, we facilitate successful and sustainable expansion for our clients.


At Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, we are committed to being the catalyst for your business success by creating strong links between France and the rest of the world. Trust us to be your strategic partner in your international expansion journey.


Do you have ambitions in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates? We are here to guide you at every step of your expansion. As a French company specializing in advice for French or European entrepreneurs and companies, we simplify the process of establishment and domiciliation.


Our Services, Your Competitive Advantage

Our advisory services go beyond market analysis and obtaining local legislation. We provide you with a deep understanding of the rules governing your business, explore legal opportunities, and guide you in choosing the ideal domiciliation, whether in offshore, free zone, or LLC.

Personalized Follow-up, Multilingual Support

At AL ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, client satisfaction is our priority. Benefit from personalized follow-up and expert support in three languages: French, English, and Arabic. We understand the importance of smooth communication for the success of your business internationally.

Financial Freedom in Free Zones

We focus on choosing Free Zones, offering our clients the opportunity to maintain full control over their capital. Whether you are involved in distribution, industrial, or financial activities, we also facilitate partnerships with local sponsors, ensuring seamless day-to-day management of your affairs in the Emirates.

A Team of Local and International Experts

Our collaboration with a team of passionate and skilled lawyers and business practitioners, based in Dubai and all the emirates, as well as abroad, ensures the efficient resolution of all your disputes. Our unique geographical position and legal expertise bridge the gap between the East and the West.


Make AL ITIZAN CONSULTANTS your preferred partner to conquer new horizons in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Your success is our mission.


Domain of Expertise

Our corporate team's expertise spans a broad spectrum of legal matters, providing informed and strategic advice on investments, strategic alliances, and collaborations in the United Arab Emirates, across the Middle East, and in Europe.

Successful Collaboration

We take pride in working closely with law and accounting firms in France and abroad. This synergy enhances our ability to provide comprehensive solutions, combining local expertise with a global perspective, to address your most complex needs.

Support for Foreign Entities

We play a crucial role in supporting foreign entities in acquiring regulatory licenses and approvals. Whether you are looking to navigate the regulatory landscape of the United Arab Emirates or obtain licenses to support your operations, our team is here to simplify the process and maximize your success.

With our commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of international legal nuances, AL ITIZAN CONSULTANTS is your trusted partner to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in a complex and dynamic business environment.



At Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, our experience speaks for itself. Here are some areas in which we have demonstrated our expertise:

  • Establishment of Branch in the United Arab Emirates

We successfully guided a foreign company in establishing its branch in the United Arab Emirates, thereby enhancing its ability to provide quality services in the Middle East. Our commitment to understanding local nuances was essential to ensuring seamless integration into this dynamic market.

  • Strategic Advisory and Business Structuring

Our team has provided in-depth advice on organizational and business structuring. From joint ventures to distribution agreements, manufacturing, franchise, and various other forms of business activities, we have successfully assisted our clients in navigating diverse fields.

  • Company Formation and Legal Documents

We specialize in advising and drafting corporate constitutional documents. From articles of association to bylaws, shareholder agreements, and commercial contracts, our legal expertise extends to a variety of agreements aimed at supporting our clients' business activities and daily operations.


At Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, we not only understand business law, but we put it into practice to create tangible solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to be your reliable partner in achieving your business goals.


Company creation



At Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, we transcend the role of a mere consulting firm; we are your devoted partner, poised to guide you through every juncture of your entrepreneurial voyage. Our partner attorneys furnish you with profound expertise and innovative strategies meticulously tailored to your business, from its inception to its definitive establishment.


Anticipating Challenges, Swift Response

We proactively identify pivotal issues entwined with your project, empowering you to respond promptly and efficaciously. Your objectives become our own, and our steadfast commitment to their realization is unwavering.

Experience and Expansive Network

Our professional associates have been integral to Dubai since 1995, cultivating a robust network of relationships. Leverage our wealth of experience, invaluable insights, and adept guidance to breathe life into your business.


Our Comprehensive Business Formation Services

  • Strategic Selection of Free Zones: In-depth presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of different free zones based on your project, enabling you to make informed decisions.
  • Establishment of 100% Foreign-Owned Companies: We facilitate the creation of companies in free zones or local zones in the UAE, with mixed capital involving a local partner, aligning with your business objectives.
  • Legal Advice and Company Formation: We guide you through complex legal aspects, providing relevant advice for the optimal structuring of your company.
  • Company Formation for Tax Optimization and Residency Status: We assist in creating companies to maximize tax benefits and obtain residency status, ensuring effective tax optimization.
  • Formation of Local and Offshore Companies: Whether local or offshore companies, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, offering flexibility and personalized options.

At Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, we don't just see challenges; we turn them into opportunities. Trust us to be the catalyst for your entrepreneurial success.



The success of an international establishment relies on a profound understanding of the environment in which your business will operate. At Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, we provide comprehensive strategic studies tailored to your needs, covering the following key success factors:

  1. Geographic and Demographic Factors

In-depth analysis of the geographic and demographic characteristics of the target region, enabling optimal localization of your business based on market needs and available infrastructure.

  1. Socioculturel Factors

Understanding cultural and social norms is essential for adapting your products or services to the local market. We conduct thorough studies to help you anticipate and meet the expectations of the local society.

  1. Legal and Institutional Factors

A thorough understanding of local regulations and institutions is crucial for a successful establishment. We provide detailed legal analyses to ensure full compliance with prevailing laws.

  1. Competitive Factors

Competitive analysis aimed at identifying potential competitors, evaluating their market positioning, and defining effective strategies to stand out.

  1. Technological Factors

Rapid technological advancements can influence the success of your business. We assess the impact of emerging technologies on your industry and advise on best practices.

  1. Social Factors

Understanding local social dynamics is essential for establishing lasting relationships with the community. Our socio-economic studies help you integrate your business positively.

  1. Economic Factors

In-depth analysis of local economic conditions, including economic trends, growth rates, and investment opportunities, helps you make informed decisions for the financial success of your business.

Personalized Support

Beyond studies, we offer personalized support aligned with the results of our analyses. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information to make informed strategic decisions and ensure the success of your international establishment.


Trust Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS to be your guide in realizing your international projects.


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Personalized Support for the Success of Your International Projects.


At Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, we go beyond mere studies. We provide you with personalized support aligned with the results of our in-depth analyses. Our commitment is to furnish you with crucial information to make informed strategic decisions and ensure the success of your international establishment.

Trust Us to Be Your Guide

Serious and ongoing support is at the core of our profession. Trust in our expertise and guidance. As a French company in partnership with a law firm in the United Arab Emirates, we have successfully assisted dozens of entrepreneurs each year.

Our Comprehensive Services to Facilitate Your Establishment:

We handle all administrative procedures related to the creation of your company, offering you comprehensive support. Moreover, our support includes:

  • Opening a Bank Account: We guide you in opening a bank account with internet access, providing flexible financial management wherever you are.
  • Obtaining Visas and Resident Status: We accompany you throughout the process, from the medical examination to fingerprinting, from visa validation on your passport to obtaining your Emirates ID.
  • Rigorous Legal Monitoring: We ensure constant legal monitoring of your company, allowing you to stay in compliance with ever-evolving regulations. Our team ensures that your legal structure is robust and adaptable to the evolution of your business.
  • Drafting Employment Contracts: Our experts draft your employment contracts, ensuring a clear employer-employee relationship that complies with current legal standards. We make sure your contracts reflect best employment practices.
  • Drafting Commercial Contracts: We craft robust commercial contracts, protecting your business interests while establishing clear foundations for successful partnerships. Whether for distribution agreements, strategic partnerships, or other transactions, we provide contracts tailored to your specific needs.
  • Brand Protection: We implement strategies to protect your brand, ensuring the security of your commercial identity. This includes steps for trademark registrations and continuous monitoring to prevent potential violations.

Commitment to Your Long-Term Success

At Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, monitoring your company goes beyond administrative tasks. We are committed to being your strategic partner, actively contributing to your ongoing growth and the protection of your interests.


Trust our team of dedicated experts to provide you with professional and personalized support throughout your business journey. Your success is our priority.


At Al ITIZAN CONSULTANTS, our core values guide our way of working and define our commitment to our clients. We believe in these principles that form the foundation of our identity:

  1. Trust:

Trust is the key element underpinning all our relationships. We strive to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients based on transparency, integrity, and open communication. We consider trust as the cornerstone of our partnership.

  1. Creativity:

We are driven by the constant search for innovative solutions for our clients' projects. Our commitment to creativity means that we employ imagination to find innovative approaches, thus providing effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

  1. Responsiveness & Availability:

Responsiveness and availability are at the heart of our client approach. We share our clients' culture and methods, understand the challenges they face, and strive to provide immediate responses. Being accessible at all times is an integral part of our commitment to our clients.

  1. Proximity:

Having offices abroad is not just a logistical strategy; it is a demonstration of our commitment to proximity with our clients. This allows us to provide daily support, strengthen our human team, and build strong professional relationships. Proximity is essential for understanding and addressing the specific needs of our clients.